Top 10 ideas for more sustainable media planning and buying

ECI Media Management reveal ten top tips to help advertisers and procurement deliver sustainable media planning and buying

Media delivery strategy: The Pros and Cons of In-House vs Agency

What are the different factors to consider when setting media delivery strategies? Wojciech Raś, Managing Director of Progmatic Media, explores the pros and cons of media planning and buying in-house, outsourcing and single agency setups.

Future of Media Agency Models: New research report from WFA and MediaSense shows change is coming

The traditional agency ecosystem is having to reinvent itself. New research shows an overwhelming proportion of major multinational brands looking to improve their agency model

The ANA Programmatic Study: How Procurement can provide the answers

By Nick Manning

The long-standing subject of media transparency bubbled back to the surface at this year’s Cannes Lions Festival, with the release of the latest study into the opacity and complexity of the online advertising market.

Marginal gains. Big wins.

By Tom Denford

Procurement needs to own the optimization opportunity to deliver more marketing value to the brands they serve. Tom Denford of ID Comms explains why ‘Cheap is good, but good is better’


In conversation: Balancing efficiency and effectiveness with MediaSense & Haleon

Since delivering a game-changing media strategy that prioritised effectiveness over efficiency, Simon Peel, VP of Global Media at Haleon, and Dan Brown, Director of Analytics at MediaSense, are starting to reap the rewards. Marketing Procurement iQ invited them to discuss their work and share their experience

WFA publishes Global Media Charter 3.0 calling for a fairer, safer, more transparent and more sustainable media ecosystem for global advertisers

Charter 3.0 builds on progress made in areas of brand safety and measurement and identifies five areas of priority covering competition, accountability, responsibility, sustainability, and people.

Should advertisers insist on programmatic being included in all audit programs?

By Nick Sparey

As the ANA releases a new update of the media contract template Nick Sparey of RAUS Global argues that marketing procurement have a pivotal role in ensuring there is accountability in media investment decision-making.

To bridge Marketing and Procurement: Let Media be your connector

Media.Monks SVP of Global Media, Melissa Wisehart, argues that media has a major role to play in ensuring that marketing procurement and brand marketing align on their different goals from the outset of a campaign.



Tough times need a hard look at media and agency performance

By Fiona Foy

Media Marketing Compliance’s Fiona Foy explores what marketing and procurement need to review as inflation soars

The quest for accountability in programmatic

By Keri Bruce 

With an unknown delta of 15% and the ANA launching a new study, what can advertisers do to stop wasting billions of dollars and funding an opaque ecosystem?

“We Only Know What We Know” – Why media auditing is about to enter its Renaissance period

By Andy Pearch

Co-Founder and COO of MediaSense, Andy Pearch explores media auditing in the modern digital ecosystem and questions whether it’s time to change the playing field, the players and the rules.

Why advertisers must not rely on media buying templates as a one-size-fits-all

By Nick Swimer

Reed Smith’s Nick Swimer advises on the frameworks and models which accompany the rise of programmatic advertising; emphasising the necessity for diversification of templates between both agencies and brands.

Media: A new 5-point plan for procurement

By Nick Manning

The pandemic created extraordinary changes in business life and reset ways of working. Nick Manning discusses how procurement professionals are having to deal with new challenges to meet stakeholder expectations.

CMOs: Do you understand the terms within your advertising contract?

By Tony Whittingstall

For many advertisers the language of their contracts with advertising agencies can often be confusing and lead to poor deals, including related parties, AVBs/rebates, unbilled media and principal/inventory sales. 

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