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Is corporate trade, often called barter, too good to be true or a no brainer”?

By John Charlesworth

John Charlesworth, Director of Client Relations at Active International explains how using corporate trade as a cost-free catalyst can address wider company challenges, without changing marketing budget, process, agency, or quality.

How can Marketing Procurement contribute to the ESG & Sustainability agenda?

By Helen Thompson

ESG & sustainability were second only to the impact of GenAI in terms of share of agenda at ProcureCon Marketing Europe. Marketing Procurement iQ reports on the key takeaways.

MediaSense to acquire PwC UK’s Marketing & Media Owner team

MediaSense says that the acquisition will enhance its scale, capabilities and offering to clients, bringing PwC UK’s world-class client relationships and skilled and experienced team into the business.

Media procurement: time to double down

By Nick Manning

MMC’s Nick Manning explores the second day of Marketing Procurement iQ’s inaugural conference at the Kia Oval, with the myriad ways in which the landscape of marketing is shapeshifting and what this means for procurement

Advertisers need to start asking agencies new questions

By Stephen Broderick

Financial auditing has had to evolve with the proliferation of digital channels to ensure agencies are keeping to the commercial terms of their advertiser contracts, says Stephen Broderick, CEO of Media Marketing Compliance.

The rise of ‘Proprietary Media’: how procurement should respond

By Nick Manning

With myriad choices in the modern media market, Chairman of Media Marketing Compliance (MMC) Nick Manning explores the landscape of channel and audience fragmentation, how to capitalise on opportunity and to minimise risk

Let’s get excited about audits

By Mark Andrews

It’s time to rethink attitudes to audits and the way we carry them out, says Mark Andrews, Senior Consultant at ID Comms.

How will AI impact agency business models and compensation?

By Cliff Campeau, Principal, AARM

Artificial Intelligence is poised to reshape the advertising industry, says Cliff Campeau of Advertising Audit & Risk Management

90% of companies offshore creative production or post-production services. Here’s why.

The 2024 Global Benchmark Report for Offshore Production reveals 90% of respondents are now offshoring creative production services, representing considerable growth in the model.

Creative Production: Bidding and Awarding the Right Director or Photographer

APR Production Webinar Insights

Understanding the needs and nuances of the creative production vision is essential to getting the right director or photographer on your production project at the right cost

Media pitch preparation phase: detailed project plan and timing

by Wojciech Raś

In the latest article in the series, Managing Director of Progmatic Media Wojciech Raś, delves deeper into the levels of media pitch preparation, writing and aligning the project charter and mapping the relevant resources.

Research shows that data analysis can help CMOs meet their objectives and KPIs with current budgets

According to a new report of 500 marketing decision makers, nine in ten (95%) say that staying on top of agency investments and maintaining open communication helps nurture long-term partnerships with their agencies

I’m no marketing procurement expert but…

By Tracey Barber, Havas Creative

Global Chief Transformation and Growth Officer, Tracey Barber explores her insight about the broken agency/client model, the differences between agencies and brands and a critical lack of understanding

Pitch procurement: The winning game plan

By Hasan Arik, Chief Product Officer and Founder, Redmill Solutions

Pitching can be a long and arduous process, Hasan Arik of Redmill Solutions explores does the pitch need to be ditched? Or can it still prove useful and effective in the modern age?

Should agency management sit with marketing or procurement?

By Jim Wallace

Agency Management and Marketing Operations Expert at Blum Consulting Partners Jim Wallace outlines a checklist of questions for those questioning the true home of agency management

Content automation & AI: Creative production insights from the localisation industry 

By Lindsay Hong

How creative production should embrace automation, following the transformative example of machine translation and AI in the language services sector.

5 actions to offset marketing budget reductions

By Cliff Campeau 

2023 will see budgets either frozen or reduced, but there is some good news. Cliff Campeau offers five steps to offset marketing budget reductions.

Unleashing the value of the metaverse for procurement

Niku Banaie, Founder and CEO of The Upside 

As new spaces evolve in the metaverse, The Upside’s Founder Niku Banaie explores how adaptations must be made for procurement professionals to comply with new standards, laws and ethics

Claire Randall: The impact of inflation on production

By Claire Randall

As costs continue to climb, from crew rates to fuel costs and everything in between, Claire Randall considers how it may now be necessary to consider alternative approaches to production.

Tough times need a hard look at media and agency performance

By Fiona Foy

Media Marketing Compliance’s Fiona Foy explores what marketing and procurement need to review as inflation soars

Media: A new 5-point plan for procurement

By Nick Manning

The pandemic created extraordinary changes in business life and reset ways of working. Nick Manning discusses how procurement professionals are having to deal with new challenges to meet stakeholder expectations.

Why advertisers must not rely on media buying templates as a one-size-fits-all

By Nick Swimer

Reed Smith’s Nick Swimer advises on the frameworks and models which accompany the rise of programmatic advertising; emphasising the necessity for diversification of templates between both agencies and brands.

Seven reasons why decoupling marketing development and strategy from asset production is worthwhile

By Ina Nießler

Ina Nießler discusses why decoupling asset production allows marketers more quality time to focus on strategy, increasing the influential role of marketing within the company.

Wave goodbye to “Mad Men” handshakes and gut feel appointments – it’s time to pitch smarter: Part 3

By Kate Howe

In the last of three articles, Kate Howe, Executive Director of MSQ, the organiser of Procurefest, discusses the big challenges and opportunities facing marketing procurement, as well as the wider agency and marketing sector.

“We Only Know What We Know” – Why media auditing is about to enter its Renaissance period

By Andy Pearch

Co-Founder and COO of MediaSense, Andy Pearch explores media auditing in the modern digital ecosystem and questions whether it’s time to change the playing field, the players and the rules.

The quest for accountability in programmatic

By Keri Bruce 

With an unknown delta of 15% and the ANA launching a new study, what can advertisers do to stop wasting billions of dollars and funding an opaque ecosystem?


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