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Marketing Procurement & Financial Management Summit: Zurich June 2023

Marketing Procurement iQ is hosting the 6th dedicated summit focusing on financial management within marketing procurement, June 29th in Zurich

Pitch perfect: How to gain clarity on the media agency pitch process

By Bridget Arik

RedMill Solutions’ Chief Operations Officer analyses the nuances and challenges of client-agency relationships and how pitching can be streamlined in times of uncertainty.

Should advertisers insist on programmatic being included in all audit programs?

By Nick Sparey

As the ANA releases a new update of the media contract template Nick Sparey of RAUS Global argues that marketing procurement have a pivotal role in ensuring there is accountability in media investment decision-making.

WFA publishes Global Media Charter 3.0 calling for a fairer, safer, more transparent and more sustainable media ecosystem for global advertisers

Charter 3.0 builds on progress made in areas of brand safety and measurement and identifies five areas of priority covering competition, accountability, responsibility, sustainability, and people.

Who should be responsible for Agency Performance Management?

By Cliff Campeau

While important, agency performance management is sometimes an afterthought for many organizations. Structured properly, a formal performance monitoring and evaluation program can yield meaningful and actionable results on a range of critical topics.

To bridge Marketing and Procurement: Let Media be your connector

Media.Monks SVP of Global Media, Melissa Wisehart, argues that media has a major role to play in ensuring that marketing procurement and brand marketing align on their different goals from the outset of a campaign.



Marketing Procurement iQ announces official media partnership with Procurecon Marketing 2023

For the second year running Marketing Procurement iQ is an official media partner of ProcureCon Marketing Europe 2023

How can brands get the media they deserve?

By Tom Denford

Tom Denford of ID Comms explores the three most common questions media directors ask about their internal media organizations.

ANA Media Conference report: People first, business benefits

By Tom Denford

Humanity, leadership, infrastructure and consciousness dominated the agenda at the 11th annual ANA Media Conference. Tom Denford, CEO of ID Comms Group, rounds up the key messages.

What Next?: Seven phrases that defined advertising in 2022 and describe where the industry is headed

By Bruno Gralpois

From AI to the Metaverse, Gen Z to governance guidelines, soaring profits in holding companies to the rise of S4 and Stagwell, reducing agency rosters to increasing pitches and from In-Housing to rising inflation and tighter budgets.

Content automation & AI: Creative production insights from the localisation industry 

By Lindsay Hong

How creative production should embrace automation, following the transformative example of machine translation and AI in the language services sector.

5 actions to offset marketing budget reductions

By Cliff Campeau 

2023 will see budgets either frozen or reduced, but there is some good news. Cliff Campeau offers five steps to offset marketing budget reductions.

Back to basics for marketing procurement

By Christine A Moore

As advertisers look to reset their partner contracts post pandemic, Christine A Moore of RAUS Global says that marketing procurement is focused on re-enforcing the rules of engagement through better corporate governance.

Claire Randall: The impact of inflation on production

By Claire Randall

As costs continue to climb, from crew rates to fuel costs and everything in between, Claire Randall considers how it may now be necessary to consider alternative approaches to production.

Tough times need a hard look at media and agency performance

By Fiona Foy

Media Marketing Compliance’s Fiona Foy explores what marketing and procurement need to review as inflation soars

Media: A new 5-point plan for procurement

By Nick Manning

The pandemic created extraordinary changes in business life and reset ways of working. Nick Manning discusses how procurement professionals are having to deal with new challenges to meet stakeholder expectations.

Why advertisers must not rely on media buying templates as a one-size-fits-all

By Nick Swimer

Reed Smith’s Nick Swimer advises on the frameworks and models which accompany the rise of programmatic advertising; emphasising the necessity for diversification of templates between both agencies and brands.

Seven reasons why decoupling marketing development and strategy from asset production is worthwhile

By Ina Nießler

Ina Nießler discusses why decoupling asset production allows marketers more quality time to focus on strategy, increasing the influential role of marketing within the company.

Wave goodbye to “Mad Men” handshakes and gut feel appointments – it’s time to pitch smarter: Part 3

By Kate Howe

In the last of three articles, Kate Howe, Executive Director of MSQ, the organiser of Procurefest, discusses the big challenges and opportunities facing marketing procurement, as well as the wider agency and marketing sector.

“We Only Know What We Know” – Why media auditing is about to enter its Renaissance period

By Andy Pearch

Co-Founder and COO of MediaSense, Andy Pearch explores media auditing in the modern digital ecosystem and questions whether it’s time to change the playing field, the players and the rules.

The quest for accountability in programmatic

By Keri Bruce 

With an unknown delta of 15% and the ANA launching a new study, what can advertisers do to stop wasting billions of dollars and funding an opaque ecosystem?

From value to values – welcoming the new era of integrity

By Aimee Luther, MD, The Liberty Guild

The Liberty Guild’s MD Aimee Luther talks about the Herculean challenge required to attain B Corp status, why it’s so important and why so many fail to achieve it.

Denise Carter: Representative images are just the start for true Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Denise Carter, VP, Diversity and Communications at designory, eg+ worldwide and mother tongue gives her very personal view about DE&I, why it’s good for business and why effective DE&I is just the beginning not the end


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