To audit or not to audit: An analysis of FirmDecisions’ latest report

By Maddy Smith

FirmDecisions’ most recent report gives a comprehensive guide to compliance auditing for advertisers. 

A global guide to 30 DE&I organisations, certifications and supplier databases for advertising and marketing

By Maddy Smith

From minority-owned agencies and ethical advertising to diverse suppliers, view our comprehensive review of active DE&I organisations and movements across the globe.

A global guide to 13 ecologically-conscious marketing and advertising initiatives

By Maddy Smith

As technology develops, now is a critical time to ensure that production companies and agencies consider sustainability at all points during media production.

WFA makes Global Marketing Procurement 2020 and Beyond report available to download

The WFA has made the Global Marketing Procurement: 2020 and Beyond report available for all. We list ten highlights from the research and a link to download the full 54 page report.

Performance Production: Scaling content for marketing globally

Locaria new Performance Production paper examines how the world is changing for content production and how clients need to keep up with it.

How to Make Marketing Supplier Diversity Meaningful

R3’s new report addresses how teams can improve their marketing supplier programs in a comprehensive way.

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