Consumer privacy protection regulators are ready. Are you?

By Cliff Campeau 

Principal of Advertising Audit & Risk Management (AARM) Cliff Campeau explores the nuances of consumer privacy data regulations and what marketers must do to ready themselves.

Chris Kenna: Marketing Procurement’s role in driving diversity and inclusion

By Christine Moore

Chris Kenna, Chairman & Founder of Brand Advance Group, explores how to gain better understanding of the ways in which marketing procurement can really help drive the important and industry-wide diversity and inclusion commitment.

Marketing Procurement Roundtable: How data can navigate procurement through the perfect storm of inflation and budget cuts in 2023

Three marketing data specialists discuss the challenges and opportunities facing Marketing Procurement in 2023 and how benchmarking helps marketing and procurement teams to yield more value from their agencies.

5 actions to offset marketing budget reductions

By Cliff Campeau 

2023 will see budgets either frozen or reduced, but there is some good news. Cliff Campeau offers five steps to offset marketing budget reductions.

What Next?: Seven phrases that defined advertising in 2022 and describe where the industry is headed

By Bruno Gralpois

From AI to the Metaverse, Gen Z to governance guidelines, soaring profits in holding companies to the rise of S4 and Stagwell, reducing agency rosters to increasing pitches and from In-Housing to rising inflation and tighter budgets.

MediaSense launches DE&I audit programme for advertisers

Advertisers will be able to measure and enhance global DE&I credentials – with pharmaceutical and healthcare company, Sanofi, an early adopter to the programme

Wave goodbye to “Mad Men” handshakes and gut feel appointments – it’s time to pitch smarter: Part 3

By Kate Howe

In the last of three articles, Kate Howe, Executive Director of MSQ, the organiser of Procurefest, discusses the big challenges and opportunities facing marketing procurement, as well as the wider agency and marketing sector.

Kate Howe of MSQ asks: Do pitches really give agencies the best chance to succeed? Part 2

In the second of three articles, Kate Howe, Executive Director of MSQ, the organiser of Procurefest, discusses the big challenges and opportunities facing marketing procurement, as well as the wider agency and marketing sector.

Kate Howe of MSQ on Procurement’s Pitching Predicaments: Part 1

Over three articles Kate Howe, Executive Director of MSQ, the organiser of Procurefest, discusses the big challenges and opportunities facing marketing procurement, as well as the wider agency and marketing sector.

TrinityP3 announce statutory declaration on bullying and harassment in the workplace

As TrinityP3 changes its pitch process, it aims to tackle the Mad Men stigma that the industry is finding so hard to shake.

WFA research reveals agencies feel more comfortable being honest with clients

But too many soft KPIs and “the wrong KPIs” are a rising concern

Latest Ebiquity and WFA report: Tackling Responsible Media

By Maddy Smith

Supported by the WFA, Ebiquity has launched its Tackling Responsible Media report, exploring what steps advertisers should take to deliver responsible media investments. 


How to make the “marriage” of a new client-agency relationship last

By Bruno Gralpois

Agency Mania Solutions’ Bruno Gralpois explores how, just like marriage, client-agency relationships require a high level of investment and commitment to grow and understand one another.

Bacardi award HH Global multi-year contract to manage procurement of POS across western Europe

One of the world’s largest family-owned spirits companies, Bacardi, announce procurement partnership with HH Global.

When chaos calls, will your partnerships thrive or dive? 

By Bruno Gralpois

How business partnerships and team collaboration must evolve to overcome a wide range of new and complex business challenges between brands and agencies.

Havas report unveils new client-agency relationship barometer and the growing influence of marketing procurement

By Maddy Smith

Today, marketing procurement has greater influence and scope than ever, and as the findings of the Havas “Meaningful Brands Special Report: The Client-Agency Barometer” shows there is an urgent need to build a more meaningful relationship between agencies and clients.

Latest research shows CMOs benefit greatly from better working relationships with procurement

By Maddy Smith

CMO Council launches latest marketing procurement report; assessing the relationship between marketing and procurement, how they collaborate and what hurdles they must overcome.

WFA & Flock Associates’ report: Tech & Tools in Marketing Procurement

By Maddy Smith

In partnership with Flock Associates, the WFA has launched a new Tech & Tools in Marketing Procurement report. The report offers general, high-level information to assist WFA members when reviewing their digital transformation strategies. 

ANA report finds perceived contribution of marketing procurement differs widely from marketers to agencies

By Maddy Smith

There is still good, bad, and ugly in the world of marketing procurement. While there has been some advancement since the 2010 benchmark report from the ANA, the study reveals significant gaps in progress and perceptions.

Tina Fegent: a marketing procurement Evangelist

By Leah Montebello

Marketing Procurement expert Tina Fegent, discusses the rise, and continued rise, of this complex category and how she has built the Tina brand.

To audit or not to audit: An analysis of FirmDecisions’ latest report

By Maddy Smith

FirmDecisions’ most recent report gives a comprehensive guide to compliance auditing for advertisers. 

Hershey’s Sherry Ulsh: Recognising marketing procurement as a profession

By Leah Montebello

Sherry Ulsh, Senior Manager of Indirect Sourcing at The Hershey Company, discusses the ANA, pitch processes, mentoring and procurement’s evolving role.

Gilead Sciences’ Garrett Clark and Keecia Scott: Viewing agencies as partnerships not relationships

By Leah Montebello

Keecia Scott and Garrett Clark of Gilead Sciences discuss strong agency partnerships, the pharmaceutical industry and how marketing procurement proved invaluable during the pandemic.

Mary Ann Brennan: An inspirational futurist in the world of marketing, procurement and advertising

By Andrea Ruskin and Maddy Smith

As an Operations, Marketing and Procurement Executive Consultant and employee, Brennan discusses her journey from marketing to procurement and everything in between.

Deloitte’s David Bygrave: Rise of project-based work, agency relations and how to navigate the Australasian market

By Leah Montebello

David Bygrave, Associate Director, Consulting at Deloitte New Zealand, discusses his passion for shifting the perception of marketing procurement.

Dana Small: Passionate about marketing procurement – blogger, podcaster, speaker

By Leah Montebello

Dana Small, Associate Director, Global Strategic Sourcing at BioMarin Pharmaceuticals, discusses how supplier relations is like dating and how she envisages degree-level category management training in the US.

Adobe’s Antonio Humphreys: leading global marketing procurement and finance teams while giving back

By Leah Montebello

Antonio Humphreys, Group Manager at Adobe, on emotional intelligence in leadership, international teams and transparency in negotiations.

Teva’s Maria Antonova: Agency models, transparency and how marketing procurement can be innovators

By Leah Montebello

Maria Antonova, Global Procurement Manager – Advertising Agencies at Teva Pharmaceuticals, discusses the major ideas in “the exciting world of buying marketing services”

RightSpend’s Iain Seers on the value of benchmarking: the best kept secret  

By Leah Montebello

RightSpend’s CEO on why he led an MBO to driving marketing procurement efficiencies with tech and transparency.

Media transparency in the post-pandemic climate: What advertisers and agencies must address

By Stephen Broderick

In a post-pandemic world, Stephen Broderick outlines COVID’s effect on the marketing and advertising sector and the key issues which both industries now need to focus on.

Maryl Adler interview: The key questions for marketing procurement today

Maryl Adler discusses the role of the marketing procurer and how transparency and alignment is the way forward.

Maryl Adler explains how Procurement can drive innovation through partnership

By Maryl Adler

A recent report ‘Striking the Balance – Uncover Value Beyond Cost Savings’ discusses how procurement can innovate and build strategic value through shared partnerships with their vendors and service partners


Pitching: it’s a seller’s market

By Christine Downton

The ten top tips to ensuring a successful outcome when running a pitch

WFA define eleven world-class standards for marketing procurement

To drive improvement, marketing procurement needs to ensure that everyone is talking the same language. To that end the WFA’s Global Sourcing Board has created eleven common definitions for key terms.

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