18 Influencer platforms that will help you manage your campaigns

We’ve collated a list of 18 different influencer marketing platforms that help marketing teams understand influencer data and ultimately drive value and meaningful brand exposure. 

UGC: What really is User-Generated Content?

By Gianna Fornesi

Why do advertisers want to use UGC so badly? We explore its authentic storytelling and the decline of celebrity influencer trust.

CMP: What is a Creative Management Platform?

By Mark Haddon

It’s an ad tech term that has grown rapidly within digital advertising circles but what exactly is a creative management platform, or CMP? And why does every marketing team need one?

Translation: Brand language in market – how to avoid expensive mistakes

By Mark Alford

If a brand wants volume and cheap, use translators or even a machine tool. To truly speak in the market language engage a specialist transcreation agency.

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