Managing MarTech transformations: Six key tips from the experts

By Andrew Addison, Founder & CEO, Purple Square

Exploring the hidden costs of marketing and MarTech transformation, Purple Square’s Andrew Addison outlines the findings of seven senior marketing procurement specialists from a recent roundtable.

11 Video crowdsourcing platforms to help boost authenticity for your brand

With the influx of crowdsourced content, here are some of the most relevant video crowdsourcing resources.

18 Influencer platforms that will help you manage your campaigns

We’ve collated a list of 18 different influencer marketing platforms that help marketing teams understand influencer data and ultimately drive value and meaningful brand exposure. 

CMP: What is a Creative Management Platform?

By Mark Haddon

It’s an ad tech term that has grown rapidly within digital advertising circles but what exactly is a creative management platform, or CMP? And why does every marketing team need one?

Translation: Brand language in market – how to avoid expensive mistakes

By Mark Alford

If a brand wants volume and cheap, use translators or even a machine tool. To truly speak in the market language engage a specialist transcreation agency.

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