Top 10 ideas for more sustainable media planning and buying

ECI Media Management reveal ten top tips to help advertisers and procurement deliver sustainable media planning and buying

A call to action for sustainability in production!

By Traci Dunne, Global Director of Industry Relations, APR

Sustainability is, rightly so, climbing high on client strategic agendas under the ESG banner – in many cases progressing from the morally-driven ‘right thing to do’ into a business imperative

Unleashing the value of the metaverse for procurement

Niku Banaie, Founder and CEO of The Upside 

As new spaces evolve in the metaverse, The Upside’s Founder Niku Banaie explores how adaptations must be made for procurement professionals to comply with new standards, laws and ethics

Chris Kenna: Marketing Procurement’s role in driving diversity and inclusion

By Christine Moore

Chris Kenna, Chairman & Founder of Brand Advance Group, explores how to gain better understanding of the ways in which marketing procurement can really help drive the important and industry-wide diversity and inclusion commitment.

From value to values – welcoming the new era of integrity

By Aimee Luther, MD, The Liberty Guild

The Liberty Guild’s MD Aimee Luther talks about the Herculean challenge required to attain B Corp status, why it’s so important and why so many fail to achieve it.

A global guide to 13 ecologically-conscious marketing and advertising initiatives

By Maddy Smith

As technology develops, now is a critical time to ensure that production companies and agencies consider sustainability at all points during media production.

A global guide to 30 DE&I organisations, certifications and supplier databases for advertising and marketing

By Maddy Smith

From minority-owned agencies and ethical advertising to diverse suppliers, view our comprehensive review of active DE&I organisations and movements across the globe.

Jo Coombes: spearheading creative production towards a more sustainable future 

By Leah Montebello

From production to climate change, Jo Coombes, Project Director of AdGreen, explains how she plans to make production teams carbon literate, inspiring them to reduce emissions and waste. 


Denise Carter: Representative images are just the start for true Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Denise Carter, VP, Diversity and Communications at designory, eg+ worldwide and mother tongue gives her very personal view about DE&I, why it’s good for business and why effective DE&I is just the beginning not the end

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