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Point of purchase displays: Best practices to boost marketing value and procurement ROI 

By Pete Galbiati

Why are point of purchase (POP) displays so key in grabbing shoppers’ attention, enticing them to spend, or influencing them to purchase one brand over a competitor? Pete Galbiati of Peachtree Packaging & Display explains why.

ICP Announces Acquisition of UK-based Team 6ix

Content Operations leader adds new marketing tech, consulting and operations talent to its global capabilities.

No-shoring: The battle of the global cities

By Mykhailo Pimenov

Mykhailo Pimenov, EVP of creative content at PEP Group, part of Locaria,  tells why ‘no-shore’ is the production model of the future and why everyone needs to start thinking about “the battle of the cities”.

DAM. I wish I was your lover.

By Austen Donnellan

Austen Donnellan of SPRING Production looks at the evolution of DAM from photo library to a key part of business operations. So where next for DAM?

The Future of DCO

By Lindsey Hong

Is Gen-AI making traditional creative effectiveness testing obsolete?

Production in a challenging and complex environment 

By Claire Randall

How can production deliver more for less? Claire Randall Founder & CEO of Claire Randall Consulting, explores how centrally managed processes are the key to achieving cost-effective production

The big picture: Reckitt embraces virtual production at scale

Following a successful year of piloting, Reckitt is embracing the emerging production tech at scale

The elephant in the room: Managing usage rights on a global scale

By Mark Egmon

Tackling the seemingly insurmountable challenge of global rights management through a ‘tech first’ approach will inevitably fail. It must start by creating a process and that begins with involving the right people.

Harder, better, faster, stronger

By Austen Donnellan

Austen Donnellan of SPRING Production asks, what will influence the marketing ecosystem landscape in the future?

A call to action for sustainability in production!

By Traci Dunne, Global Director of Industry Relations, APR

Sustainability is, rightly so, climbing high on client strategic agendas under the ESG banner – in many cases progressing from the morally-driven ‘right thing to do’ into a business imperative

APR Founder Jillian Gibbs announces launch of The Marketer’s Guide to Creative Production book

The Marketer’s Guide to Creative Production book will provide a needed resource to all sides of the advertising industry, including clients, agencies, and production companies.

Content automation & AI: Creative production insights from the localisation industry 

By Lindsay Hong

How creative production should embrace automation, following the transformative example of machine translation and AI in the language services sector.

Seven reasons why decoupling marketing development and strategy from asset production is worthwhile

By Ina Nießler

Ina Nießler discusses why decoupling asset production allows marketers more quality time to focus on strategy, increasing the influential role of marketing within the company.

Claire Randall: The impact of inflation on production

By Claire Randall

As costs continue to climb, from crew rates to fuel costs and everything in between, Claire Randall considers how it may now be necessary to consider alternative approaches to production.

Girl&Bear: Dan Montalbano talks about the Magic and the Machine

Girl&Bear is the global content creation studio for VCCP Group. Global Head of Operations Dan Montalbano tells Marketing Procurement iQ how the production offering was created to deliver both craft and scale.

The future of AI in client – agency relationships

By Bruno Gralpois 

The race towards the future is under way and moving at lightspeed. Bruno Gralpois looks at the different tools, how they’re are changing the world of creative and copy writing and the questions you should be asking your agency.

Green The Bid: Jessie Nagel and Gabi Kay talk about how the movement they co-founded is helping create sustainable production

By Geoff Hall

Time is running out. Co-Founders of Green The Bid on why environmental measures in production are a responsibility for us all – brands, agencies and production.

Claire Randall: Clarity is the key to unlocking efficiencies 

By Maddy Smith

As CRC celebrates 26 years as a Women Owned Business, Randall discusses her journey to international expansion, the importance of clear communication, DE&I and their benchmarking tool, CLARITY. 

Clair Carter-Ginn: Modelling the world of creative operations  

By Maddy Smith

Clair Carter-Ginn, Partner at Forecast Agency, explores her journey into creative operations, from a freelance copywriter in her early career, through to Vice President at Michael Kors.

Why a consultancy-first approach is key to technology adoption

By Audrey Amselli, Craft Worldwide

Audrey Amselli, Global Business Lead for L’Oréal at Craft Worldwide, discusses the importance of adopting a consultative approach to help clients achieve their goals.


Joyce Chen: an “anything is possible” kind of leader

By Leah Montebello

Joyce Chen, Managing Director of eg+ Singapore, is on a mission to challenge the approach of content marketing and to make work-life integration a norm in the hectic world of communications.


Jo Coombes: spearheading creative production towards a more sustainable future 

By Leah Montebello

From production to climate change, Jo Coombes, Project Director of AdGreen, explains how she plans to make production teams carbon literate, inspiring them to reduce emissions and waste. 


Music Licensing

Sync Market: Requires due diligence and smarter procurement from brands

By Richard Kirstein

What is the Sync Market, how does it operate and how can brands buy smarter by mandating ad agencies to present options from a range of artists?

Music Licensing in the US & UK – Two Countries Divided By A Common Language

By Richard Kirstein

The new second edition of Music Rights Without Fights guides marketing and marketing procurement through the complex web of music rights licensing, highlighting the key differences between US and UK/Europe practice.

Music Licensing: Clear as mud

By Richard Kirstein

Increasingly clearance specialists are inserting themselves between the rights holder and the brand or agency, sometimes making it very unclear as to what’s licenced and for how much.

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