Staffing the internal agency

By Jim Wallace

Agency Management & Marketing Operations Expert, Jim Wallace, of Blum Consulting Partners explores the best ways to prepare for work with contractors and how to best streamline the process for both procurement and agencies. 

Carlos Ricardo of HP: Creating the content factory

By Andrea Ruskin

With a mix of offshore and decentralised marketing services, as well as production services, Carlos Ricardo, Head of Marketing Services and Creative Production at HP, talks about shaping an internal creative resource department.

Want to move your advertising in-house? 18 companies helping to achieve this

By Maddy Smith

In-house advertising has seen significant growth in recent years, below are some of the best firms helping brands achieve this by applying their expertise for a smooth transition

Blum adds Jim Wallace to leadership team

Award-winning global marketer Jim Wallace has officially joined Blum Consulting Partners, Inc., as a key member of the leadership team

John Owen of WDC: Which in-house model is right for your business?

By John Owen

There are four main models for in-house agencies: understanding which one is right for your business is key, says WDC‘s John Owen

Andrea Ruskin: On an in-house mission

By Leah Montebello & Maddy Smith

Andrea Ruskin, co-founder of Blum Consulting, discusses the key to IHA success, mission statements, strong leadership and inclusivity.

Emma Sexton: championing in-house agencies and a flexible workplace

By Leah Montebello

Emma Sexton on founding the IHA’s ‘Inside Out Awards’, to gaining B Corp status for her self-made Hands Down Agency.

What to consider when setting up an in-house agency

By Stephan Argent

Outlining the top considerations when setting up an in-house agency for your business.

When corporate and in-house agency cultures collide

By Annette Frem & Derek Whitehead

Establishing in-house creative departments is at an all-time high. It comes with the promise of a steady stream of campaigns and content, work efficiency and cost control. A no-brainer, surely? So why is it so much easier to imagine than to actually do?


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